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IconV Alchemy.png
Skill Type Crafting

Interesting fact: if you brush some dust off a corpse and grind it juuuuust little finer, you get one of the most explosive substances known to man!

General[edit | edit source]

Alchemy is a crafting skill that can be used by alchemists. By combining reagents the alchemist can brew potions of various types, such as heal, cure and agility potions.

Craftables[edit | edit source]

In order to create potions and other balms, an individual must have the required reagents, bottles, and be near an Alchemy Table.

Training[edit | edit source]

Starting at 30 make Regular Poison (2 Night Shade) or Lessor Intelligence (1 Blood Moss)

46 Greater refresh (7 Ginseng) or Poison or Lessor Intelligence

55 Greater Agility (7 Mandrake) or Lessor Intelligence (1 Blood Moss)

67 Greater Strength (7 Blood Moss) or Stay with Lessor Intelligence

76 Greater Cure (7 Ginseng) Greater Heal (7 Ginseng) or Greater Poison (4 Night Shade)

Macroing[edit | edit source]

Several custom commands relating to potions are required to macro Alchemy (and Poisoning).

Potion resource names are in this format: TypePotionStrength. For example HealPotionLesser, HealPotion, HealPotionGreater, CurePotionLesser, and so forth.

Therefore, create a custom command called useresource CurePotionLesser and drag it to your hotbar to begin making a macro to drink a lesser cure potion.

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