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Skill Type Crafting

Interesting fact: if you brush some dust off a corpse and grind it just a little finer, and you get one of the most explosive substances known to man!

General[edit | edit source]

Alchemy is a crafting skill that can be used by alchemists. By combining reagents the alchemist can brew potions of various types, such as heal, cure and agility potions.

Using a potion incurs a 2 second global cooldown before using another potion, including the same or another type of potion.

Craftables[edit | edit source]

In order to create potions and other balms, an individual must have the required reagents, bottles, and be near an Alchemy Table.

Training[edit | edit source]

  • 0-30: Skill Trainer
  • 30-46 Regular Poison (2 Nightshade) or Lesser Intelligence (1 Blood Moss)
  • 46-55: Greater Refresh (7 Ginseng) or Poison or Lesser Intelligence
  • 55-67: Greater Agility (7 Mandrake) or Lesser Intelligence (1 Blood Moss)
  • 67-76: Greater Strength (7 Blood Moss) or Lesser Intelligence
  • 76-85: Greater Cure (7 Garlic) Greater Heal (7 Ginseng) or Greater Poison (4 Nightshade)
  • 85-100: Invisibility Potion (3 Black Pearl)

Macroing[edit | edit source]

Several custom commands relating to potions are required to macro Alchemy (and Poisoning).

Potion resource names are in this format: TypePotionStrength. For example HealPotionLesser, HealPotion, HealPotionGreater, CurePotionLesser, and so forth.

Therefore, create a custom command called useresource CurePotionLesser and drag it to your hotbar to begin making a macro to drink a lesser cure potion.

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