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IconV Blacksmithing.png
Skill Type Crafting

Whether sweating over a fiery forge to create a masterpiece or hammering dents, the blacksmith of Britannia is a skilled craftsman who often finds his or her services in high demand

Blacksmithing is the skill with which a player can make weapons, shields, and metal armor.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

To craft an item using the Blacksmithing skill:

  • Stand near an anvil
  • Double-click the anvil
  • A menu will then appear, displaying various categories which contain craftable items
  • Select the category and then the item you would like to craft

A list of ingredients will be displayed on the craftable item's page. Typically, all items craftable through the Blacksmithing menu require ingots.

If the crafting attempt is successful, the item will appear in your backpack. If the player has a GrandMaster level of Arms Lore, there is an added 10% chance that the item crafted will be of 'exceptional' quality, increasing the damage and durability of the item. Further, there is a possibility that the crafted item will have a Slayer effect.

Craftables[edit | edit source]

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