Blade Spirits

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Blade Spirits - In Jux Hur Ylem
Mana Cost 14
Minimum Skill 38.0
Delay (seconds) 2.5 - **check this**
Reagents Black Pearl, Mandrake Root, Nightshade
Duration 120 seconds
Area of Effect N/A
Magery Circle 5
Description Either: Blade Spirits is a Magery 5th circle summon spell that creates a spinning pinwheel of blades, which homes into nearby red NPCs.

It does not home in on players and cannot be commanded in any way.

Or: Conjures a whirling pillar of blades that attacks targets within a 6 tile radius and deals up to 15 points of damage per hit. Targets are chosen based on (Strength + Tactics) / distance from spirit (i.e. Targets that are the closest, strongest, and the most tactically skilled are its highest priority).