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Skill Type Crafting

The art of bowcraft and fletching allows bowyers to rely on the forests of Britannia for their weaponry. One who truly lives off the land, a bowyer may carve his bows and arrows from the very trees around him, thus avoiding the need to ever venture to town.

The well-trained fletcher can create arrows and bows for use by archers, using boards and feathers as resources. Since the fletcher typically works with boards, the Carpentry and Lumberjacking skills complement Fletching very well.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Use a Fletching Knife to begin creating fletching items.

Craftables[edit | edit source]


Category Name Item Name Skill Level Required
Arrows Arrow 0
Arrows Arrow x100 10
Wooden Figures
Category Name Item Name Skill Level Required
Wooden Figures Dilettanish Lagolas Statuette 0
Wooden Figures Primitive Lagolas Statuette 20
Wooden Figures Crude Lagolas Statuette 40
Wooden Figures Solid Lagolas Statuette 60
Wooden Figures Skillful Lagolas Statuette 80
Category Name Item Name Skill Level Required
Plain Wood Short Bow 0
Plain Wood Long Bow 20
Plain Wood Composite Bow 30
Plain Wood Savage Siege Bow 40
Plain Wood Bone Siege Bow 50
Oak Savage Siege Bow 60
Oak Bone Siege Bow 60
Oak Composite Bow 60
Oak Short Bow 60
Oak Long Bow 60
Ash Short Bow 70
Ash Composite Bow 70
Ash Bone Siege Bow 70
Ash Long Bow 70
Ash Savage Siege Bow 70
Yew Bone Siege Bow 70
Yew Savage Siege Bow 70
Yew Composite Bow 70
Yew Short Bow 70
Yew Long Bow 70
Bloodwood Bone Siege Bow 80
Bloodwood Savage Siege Bow 80
Bloodwood Short Bow 80
Bloodwood Long Bow 80
Bloodwood Composite Bow 80
Frostwood Savage Siege Bow 80
Frostwood Long Bow 80
Frostwood Bone Siege Bow 80
Frostwood Short Bow 80
Frostwood Composite Bow 80
Heartwood Composite Bow 80
Heartwood Bone Siege Bow 80
Heartwood Savage Siege Bow 80
Heartwood Long Bow 80
Heartwood Short Bow 80
Category Name Item Name Skill Level Required
Rods Fishing Rod 12
Rods Oak Fishing Rod 60
Rods Ash Fishing Rod 65
Rods Yew Fishing Rod 70
Rods Frostwood Fishing Rod 75
Rods Heartwood Fishing Rod 75
Category Name Item Name Skill Level Required
Boards Plain Board 0
Boards Plain Boards x 100 5
Boards Oak Board 20
Boards Oak Boards x 100 25
Boards Ash Board 40
Boards Ash Board x 100 45
Boards Yew Board 60
Boards Yew Boards x 100 65
Boards Bloodwood Board 75
Boards Bloodwood Boards x 100 80
Boards Frostwood Board 75
Boards Frostwood Boards x 100 80
Boards Heartwood Board 75
Boards Heartwood Boards x 100 80

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