Buccaneer's Den

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Buccaneer's Den is a pirate's town for murderers and thieves.

It is not protected by a guard zone, and moongates do not go to Buccaneer's Den.

Town vendors are all red (in Notoriety), allowing murderers and criminals to access their services.

Location[edit | edit source]

Buccaneer's Den is found in far south-east Southern Hills.

Teleporter[edit | edit source]

To the east of Ocllo bank (between the road and the mountain) is an archway teleporter to the Chaos Shrine. After going through, circling the mountain to the east of the shrine, you can find the sewer entrance to Buccaneer's Den.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • The Chaos Shrine can found to the south-west of the teleporter and the front entrance of Buccaneer's Den
  • A gate to the Shipwreck can be found in the middle of town, where pirates can be found.

Thieves Guild[edit | edit source]

The Thieves Guild guildmaster can be found at the northern end, requiring 60 Stealing to join.

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