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Cotton can be found in the wild throughout the world. Simply double click a cotton plant to harvest it.

Cotton can be used to make:

Cotton makes an enormous amount of cloth and bandages - about 10 times as much. Converting too much cotton at once runs a risk of being overloaded.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Ocllo[edit | edit source]

Ocllo is the farming capital of the world. A plentiful cotton farm is located just south of the town, outside of guard protection.

Magincia[edit | edit source]

A cotton farm is located north of Magincia. It is mostly within guard protection.

Here is the location of the cotton farm on the map:

Cotton farm location.png

You can also get there by cart from the lower west gate of Moonglow. Look for the cart to 'Magincia Farms' (cotton field is a few steps to the north):

Wagon to Cotton Farm.png

Vesper[edit | edit source]

A cotton farm is located near Vesper. It is outside of guard protection, making it suitable for murderers and orcs.