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Gameservers Clanplay[edit | edit source]

Gameservers is our host company, and Clanpay is their donation platform.

You can make a donation by clicking here:


What You Won't Get[edit | edit source]

First and foremost - the dev team is not selling anything.

You may be used to seeing a cash shop model with donation tokens or similar.

Making a donation to Legends of Ultima will never mean getting anything like special bonuses in return, such as items, skill adjustments, or bonuses to any gameplay mechanics.

What You Will Get[edit | edit source]

What you'll get is just eternal gratitude from the staff and everyone playing on Legends of Ultima, knowing that you're helping to keep us all online.

100% of donations go solely to renting the servers. Nothing else, no exceptions.

There's no intention to ever stray from the path of being straight up non-commercial. Legends of Ultima is a project by UO fans for UO fans.