Evaluating Intelligence

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Evaluating Intelligence
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Skill Type Magic / Lore

Evaluating Intelligence affects the spell damage of various Magery spells (similar to how Tactics increases damage dealt in melee/ranged combat), but only direct damage spells such as Energy Bolt, Meteor Swarm and Fireball. It does not increase the strength of healing or poison, or indirect spells that cause damage like Summon Creature. It does not increase the severity of a condition like Paralyze or Protection.

It can also be used to determine the target's overall Mana and Intelligence.

Spell Damage[edit | edit source]

Evaluating Intelligence is primarily used by Mages due to its increase in the effectiveness and damage of Magery spells. Upon casting a spell, the potential damage is calculated based on several factors, such as the spell being cast, its Spell Circle (or the difficulty of the spell and the expertise required to cast it successfully), and the individuals Magery skill.

There are 3 formulas which Evaluating Intelligence governs:

Direct Spell Damage Formula[edit | edit source]

Direct Spell Damage determines the overall spell damage of a harmful spell.

Total Spell Damage = (Base Spell Damage * (3 * Evaluating Intellgence / 100 + 1))

Positive 'Buff' Spell Formula[edit | edit source]

The Positive 'Buff' Formula determines the potency of helpful 'buff' spells.
Final Positive Stat = Base Stat * (1 + (1 + Evaluating Intelligence / 10) / 100)

Negative 'Buff' Spell Formula[edit | edit source]

The Negative 'Buff' Formula determines the potency of hurtful 'buff' spells.
Final Negative Stat = Base Stat * (1 - (8 + ((Casters Evaluating Intelligence - Targets Magic Resistance) / 10) / 100)

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