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Note - due to significant changes in crafting in LoU, this guide contains some out of date information.[edit | edit source]

Tailoring is a very straight-forward skill to train in LoU and requires nothing more than an evening gathering cotton and hanging out by a loom for a few hours. Tailoring is an incredibly useful crafting skill, In that it can create leather armor, the second most-used type of armor. Given it's ease of training and the desirability of well-crafted leather, tailoring is a great addition to any crafter's bag of tools.

Skills required to be a successful Tailor are:

Tailoring[edit | edit source]

Your tailoring skill will determine your success rate in crafting various items based on the minimum required skill necessary. To see the minimum required skill, go to a loom and right click to access the tailoring menu. In the item's description, it will show 'minimum required skill.'

Arms Lore[edit | edit source]

Arms lore is a skill that accompanies weapon/armor crafting skills and is used by inspecting pieces of armor or weapons. This will show you specific details about its durability and what class of item it is. To gain Arms Lore skill, all you have to do is inspect the same item over and over until 100. It's time-consuming but easy and relatively free.

Arms lore will also help in crafting 'Exceptional Quality' items. Most of the items you craft will be of normal quality but every once in a while you will get lucky and craft one of Exceptional Quality. Exceptional Quality items are a step above regular crafted items, in that they will have higher attack or armor ratings. The higher your Arms Lore skill, the better chance you have to craft exceptional items. These such items will be created with text on them, reading 'Exceptional Quality' below the armor name.

Training[edit | edit source]

To start, you will need to gather cotton. No direct skill is needed to gather cotton, only will and patience! Cotton can be gathered in various places on the map, such as cotton fields in Cove and strewn throughout the outskirts of Moonglow's unprotected lands. North West is a particularly good spot, but be wary of hungry bears and boglings!

It's will take between 400-500 cotton, roughly 9,000-10,000 bolts of cloth. Stand near a loom and right click your cotton to weave it into bolts of cloth. Be careful, though! If you are holding too much cotton when you perform 'weave' you will be overweight and unable to move. Its best to do this inside a house, that way you can transfer the bolts of cloth directly into a storage chest.

During training, you want to keep your success rate between 25-85%. As you near 85% success, switch to a item that takes a higher amount of skill to make. Right click a loom to open the Tailoring menu. During this guide, we will be making items that take the lowest amount of cloth to make, to maximize skill gain.

Crafting list:

  • 0-30: Buy skill book from NPC trainer
  • 30-55: Cloth Bandit Hood (2 cloth)
  • 55-75: Circle Rug (5 cloth)
  • 75-85: Green Rug (5 cloth)
  • 85-100: Blue/Green/Red Ornate Rug (5 cloth)

You can salvage some of the cloth hoods you make, by cutting them into bandages with a tailors knife or scissors, this is tedious but worth it if you have a character that uses Healing. You can buy a tailor knife at the Weavers shop in various towns such as Moonglow and Britain. You won't, however, be able to salvage the deeds from the rugs that you create. Use some, sell some, and trash the rest. You will make a lot.

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