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Skill Type Rogue

General[edit | edit source]

Hiding is a skill which allows a player to vanish into the shadows, away from the view of creatures and players alike.

With sufficient Hiding skill, a player can disappear whenever necessary, a perfect way to avoid harm or to set a trap for the unbeknownst.

Characters cannot hide when close to creatures or players, as well as those hostile towards them.

Hidden players can be revealed through the use of the Detect Hidden.

Thieves typically choose Hiding as one of their main skills, as a thief that can hide can use Snooping to browse the contents of another individuals pack, and thieves dextrous enough can use Stealing to attempt to steal an object. Further, an individual with Hiding and Stealth will be able to slowly walk amongst the shadows without being revealed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Unlike a mages Invisibility spell, the effect of hiding does not wear off over time. A player must be revealed using Detect Hidden or by the Reveal spell.

A players cover from Hiding will be broken if they speak, move without stealth, or cast a spell.

Some monsters have the ability to reveal hidden players, such as the Gazer.

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