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Welcome to the Official Legends of Ultima Wiki. We are a community shard of the game Legends of Aria, dedicated to bringing the 'sandbox MMORPG' playstyle of Ultima Online into the modern era. Be advised that our world is undergoing daily changes as exciting new features are being added and pesky bugs are getting squashed. See the #patch-notes channel on Discord for recent updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explain what this server is, what features it has, or how to connect

See these videos below for more details on how to connect and more about Legends of Ultima, respectively.

What are the skill and stat caps?

700 skill cap. 225 stat cap (str/dex/int).

Is this server going to wipe?

We do not plan to wipe now, or in the near future. There may be unforseen circumstances where we may be forced to start over. Ultimately Citadel Studios is in control of Character Data right now, and if they decide to force a wipe; we're at their mercy. We have discussed means of recuperating lost progress with the possibility of things like Skill Tokens and House Deed replacements.

Are bank boxes local?

Player bank-boxes are per-character and can be accessed from any town.

Do you have the UO Britannia map?

We do not yet have the rights to use custom assets including art/sounds/maps, etc. A member of the community has taken on the project of recreating the UO Britannia map for Unity and for the sake of using it on LoA community servers. In the future we plan to try to use this. For now, we use the Celador map with references to Britannia.

How do I open the in-game map?

Since the Official server no longer uses the in-game map the same, we were forced to change the Map button to L. You can re-bind this in-game by going to Options > Keyboard > Ability Window (K) and change it to M if you wish.

Is there Trammel?

No, and there won't be. We will keep rampant PKing in check with other mechanics such as stat loss. (Notoriety)

How do I release my pet?

Right click it and choose Release, or say "All Release" and target the pet.

Why do weapons and armor of different materials provide nearly the same benefits?

Our crafting system currently is inspired by *old-school* UO where the metals were a matter of rarity, style and collectability. When you craft items they arre either Basic (similar to the Ruin tier of dropped items) or Exceptional (the Vanquishing/Invulnerable tier of dropped items). We understand that many feel that this is not "deep" enough, but at this time the Staff are working on other systems.

What era of UO are you trying to emulate?

We are an all-eras UO mod, that primarily focuses on classic, Pre-AOS UO with cherry-picked features from later eras as well.

Are Snooping and Stealing in the game?

Not yet, but soon. A huge patch was recently implemented that made significant changes to the game to be less like Legends of Aria and more like UO, and this needs to be ironed out. Snooping and Stealing will be coming soon after that's done. Don't get too used to letting your valuables out for everyone to see.

Mages/Pets/Dexxers keep killing me!

At this time, the mod is still having major features introduced and balancing is not the priority. The Staff is aware that combat can be unbalanced at the moment, but that will be fixed as features such as Magic Resist are in. Thx for your patience.

How many houses can I own?

One house per account. Your other characters are automatically Co-Owners, but you still have to make copies of your key for them. Houses cannot be sold back, but they can be redeeded and sold to other players.

Why was my character's name changed?

Well, your name was changed because it contained adult content or racial slurs. If you don't like the name we gave you, you can request another one from a GM

Are horses allowed in dungeons?


Are all wild animals the same? Do they grow in stats or skills?

Animals have a range of possible stat scores at 'birth'. Some are better than others. Their stats never raise, so hunt for the best one you can find. Their skills raise through use.

I dropped items on a stack in my bank/I dropped items or a bag on the ground to transfer to a friend/I put items in a container in my house or bank... AND THEY DISAPPEARED!

We are sorry for your loss. As a matter of policy the staff of LoU does not replace items lost to negligence, accident, or system error.

How do I stop attacking?

Press space bar to go out of combat mode, or press Escape.

My house got looted!

Though walking into a house will almost always teleport people out, collision does not always work properly. Keep your items in locked containers. If you see someone in your house looting or PKing please take a screenshot and submit it to the staff.

How do I identify an item?

The Item Identification skill and a magnifying glass, and a lot of patience. Or hire someone to do it!

Where can I buy a house?

From an Architect NPC in most towns, including Britain and Moonglow. You can find out more on the Housing page.

  • In Britain, next to the architect is also a teleporter to inspect all the houses before you buy. This area is far north-east of Nujel'm if you want to take the long way there, or if you're a murderer.

Where do I sell jewels?

From a Jeweler NPC in most towns.

Where can I train my skills (to 30)?

From a Skill Trainer NPC.

  • In Moonglow, look for the Skill Trainer by the bulletin board.

Are straw hats/llamas/ossies/custom houses/black sandals/other iconic UO art in the game?

Custom art assets can't be added yet. We certainly hope to add as many classic UO things as we can, but that will be down the road.

How can I pull a health bar?

Click and drag off the person/animal/monster, or hit O and target yourself, someone else, or a pet or monster. This can be remapped.

What is the conversion from LoA money?

  • 1c = 1gp
  • 10c = 10gp
  • 1s = 100gp
  • 10s = 1000gp
  • 1g = 10,000gp
  • 10g = 100,000gp
  • 1p = 1,000,000gp

How do I make a macro for "taming/music/peace/discord/say (insert cheesy roleplaying quote here)"?

Create custom commands to drag to your hotkey bars.

Can I kill Young players?

No. Don't do it. (Server Rules)

Can I kill players coming out of moongates?

No. Don't do it. (Server Rules)

You should hold an AMA!

We did, you can read it on reddit.

Will there ever be more than 4 character slots?

At this time, it's only possible to offer 4 character slots. In the future, there may be opportunity for community servers to customize the amount of character slots offered.

Towns & Dungeons

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