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This is not a guide on how to use macro software, but I will share some methods on how you can macro the skills.

  1. 0-30:  I recommend purchasing a skill book from a skill vendor.  The cost and time ratio is too great.  A book is 300gp and you could easily spend 2000 gold on lockpicks in this range.
  2. 30-50: Medium locked boxes. Tinkerers can craft these boxes or purchase from a player vendor.  How many lockpicks you need can vary, start with 50 and hope for a string of luck.
  3. 50-75.1: Hard locked boxes.  Same principle applies from medium.  Bring lots of lockpicks.
  4. 75.1-94: This is where the grind begins. You'll need to go find Cleverly locked chests in the world.  You have a few options.
    1. Paragon chests
    2. Random world spawns from camps and inside certain caves, but this is not reliable. 
    3. Clever Treasure Maps.  You'll need to have a more developed character to accomplish this.  Slow but consistent method to unlock.
    4. Dungeons.  Ruin has static cleverly locked chests that will respawn on a timer. Make sure to loot everything from the box to force the spawn timer to restart.  This option is the highest risk but also highest reward method.  You will die, but accept that.
  5. 95-100: Deviously locked chests. These can be found in dungeon Corruption, paragon chests,  devious treasure maps.  There's no trick here, learn your own way of dealing with powerful monsters and fight your way to 100! Good luck

Macro[edit | edit source]

The following macro can be used on each type of locked box from above.

You'll need Lockpicks, a locked box and the key that comes inside of it. 

  1. Place the lockpicks on your action bar and place the KEY from the lock box on another action bar.
  2. Have your macro software use the Key on the box to lock it.
  3. Macro lockpick on freshly locked box.
  4. Repeat

Guide by: [BAD] silk

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