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Macroing is encouraged on Legends of Ultima to gain skills, however it is illegal to macro the gathering of resources unattended.

LoU Helper[edit | edit source]

The recommended tool for macroing is LoU Helper (not to be confused with LoAssist).

Using more than 1 Legends of Aria account[edit | edit source]

Using LoU Helper, start with just one account open and on the first tab, set the window name to something other than 'Legends of Aria'. (such as the active character's name). From there, commands from that LoU Helper instance will only go to that window.

Then start up Legends of Aria with your second account, second LoU Helper instance and do the same and so on.

Some players have had to run the second LoU Helper instance as another user, but some haven't.

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