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Skill Type Magic

General[edit | edit source]

Throw a fireball here, a lightning bolt there, and add a summoned daemon for good measure. Those who study the magical arts of Britannia may not be adept with a sword and shield, but few can surpass the power of Magery. Magery is used to cast various spells, such as Harm (which damages an opponents health), Cure (which removes the effect of Poison), and Bless (which provides increases to stats).

The entrance to Wind becomes accessible to mages with 72 Magery and 20 intelligence.

Training[edit | edit source]

An easy skill guide to use is the the following:

Gains after 95 are trivial and can be left to gain on their own as it won't matter what level spell you cast to gain the last 5 points. The last 5 points are the most difficult so it doesn't make sense to keep macroing from here as it will just waste reagents. Let it get to 100 naturally while playing.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Magery depends on the use of Mana and Reagents in order to cast a variety spells. The effectiveness of the spell is determined by an individuals' Intelligence, as well as their Evaluating Intelligence skill. Since casting spells quickly drains mana, it is typical for mages to have Meditation.

There are various levels, or 'circles', of spells available to the mage. Higher-level spells require a higher skill level of Magery to cast, as well as larger amounts of mana and reagents.

Spell Circle
First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth
Clumsy Agility Bless Arch Cure Blade Spirits Dispel Chain Lightning Earthquake
Create Food Cunning Fireball Arch Protection Dispel Field Energy Bolt Energy Field Energy Vortex
Feeblemind Cure Magic Lock Curse Incognito Explosion Flamestrike Resurrection
Heal Harm Poison Fire Field Magic Reflection Invisibility Gate Travel Summon Air Elemental
Magic Arrow Magic Trap Telekenesis Greater Heal Mind Blast Mark Mana Vampire Summon Daemon
Night Sight Magic Untrap Teleport Lightning Paralyze Mass Curse Mass Dispel Summon Earth Elemental
Reactive Armor Protection Unlock Mana Drain Poison Field Paralyze Field Meteor Swarm Summon Fire Elemental
Weaken Strength (spell) Wall of Stone Recall Summon Creature Reveal Polymorph Summon Water Elemental

Spell Circles[edit | edit source]

Each spell requires a specific amount of skill in order to successfully cast. A novice mage certainly will not be able to cast Earthquake, an Eighth Circle spell reserved for only the most powerful of mages.

Following is a chart outlining the mana consumption of each spell circle, as well as the required minimum skill to begin casting spells within that circle.

Circle INT required Min. Skill
First 4 0.1
Second 6 0.1
Third 9 10.1
Fourth 11 24.1
Fifth 14 38.1
Sixth 20 52.1
Seventh 40 66.1
Eighth 50 80.1

Reagents[edit | edit source]

Reagents are ingredients required in order for a mage to cast spells, an alchemist to craft potions, and a scribe to craft scrolls.

There are 8 different reagents used for the various magic skills:

Reagent Component
Sulfurous Ash Energy
Ginseng Healing
Garlic Warding
Spider's Silk Binding
Blood Moss Movement
Black Pearl Projection
Nightshade Poison/Illusion
Mandrake Power

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