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Welcome to the Legends of Ultima (LoU) community server!

LoU was created by a team of volunteer developers and programmers for all players who enjoyed the Ultima Online MMORPG experience. It is set to emulate the Second Age/Renaissance period of Ultima Online, with other favored features from later eras of the game added in as decided by the staff and/or community feedback. This guide was created to help our newer players understand what to do when they are first starting out in our world. This guide is not intended to cover every facet of gameplay nor give in depth coverage to the majority of the topics but rather provide an introductory explanation to new players. I will consider doing additional in depth guides in the future for more experienced players. Good luck and have fun!

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Young Status[edit | edit source]

When your character is first created, you will have the status of being a “Young” player. This status protects you for the first 24 hours of gameplay. If you die, all of your items you had on your character will be in your bag when you are brought back to life. It is against the server rules for anyone to murder young players. (If a young player commits ANY criminal act he will immediately lose his young status. This includes your blades spirit and energy vortex attacking other players demons)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

There are all types of items on LoU. I will review some of the more common items to help you get started on our shard. I will not be including all of the items in the game. You’ll have to discover some of them on your own!

Containers[edit | edit source]

Containers are items that can store additional items inside for organizational purposes. Most bags can hold 50 items while some crafted bags can hold more. You can right click a bag to set it as a “Loot Bag” or a “Craft Bag”. All items that are picked up with the auto loot feature will be placed in the “Loot Bag”. Items that are created during crafting will be placed in the “Craft Bag”. If you hover your mouse near the bottom of any container you will see a drop down option. Clicking this button will provide a drop down menu of all items within that container.

Armor[edit | edit source]

This is what protects you when you are hit in melee. The more Armor Rating or AR you have the less damage you will take from attacks. If you’re a mage, you may not want to wear plate armor as you cannot meditate through it.

Magic Armor: Magical armor will be found while out adventuring and will provide bonus AR based on the strength of the magical armors enchantment. The strength of the armor from least powerful to most powerful is; of Defense, of Guarding, of Hardening, of Fortification and of Invulnerability.

Magic Enhancement/Type Bonus Armor
Invulnerability best
Defense lowest
Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons are broken down into four categories: Archery, Fencing, Mace Fighting and Swordsmanship. Some weapons only require one hand to use while heavier weapons require both hands. Hovering over an item will show you which category the weapon belongs to. Each weapon has unique abilities for the “Q” and “E” hotkeys that can be used once you have met the skill level requirements.

Magic Weapons[edit | edit source]

As with magic armor, you will find magic weapons while adventuring. The additional damage added to the weapon is based on the strength of the magic weapons enchantment. The strength of the weapon from least additional damage to most additional damage is; of ruin, of might, of force, of power and of vanquishing. Note that “of power” weapons are equivalent to exceptionally crafted weapons that players can create.

Magic Enhancement/Type Bonus Damage
Vanquishing best
Ruin lowest
Slayer Weapons[edit | edit source]

These weapons are attuned to killing a specific foe. They do much more damage to that creature type than magical weapons. Creatures have enemies too! Slayer weapons will drop from creatures attuned against their enemy. For example; Undead creatures are enemies with humanoid creatures so they have a chance to drop Repond Slayer weapons while humanoid creatures have a chance to drop Undead Slaying/Silver weapons which are strong against undead. Each slayer type has an opposite enemy type that has a chance to drop them. If you know you’re going to be fighting a specific creature type for some time it would be wise to invest into a slayer weapon against that creature type.

Arrows[edit | edit source]

Arrows are required to use your bow. They can be made by using the Fletching skill.

Bandages[edit | edit source]

Bandages heal you, other players or pets depending upon which skills you have.

Magnifying Glass[edit | edit source]

Used in conjunction with multiple skills that “inspect” targets.

Engraving Tool[edit | edit source]

Used to rename bags, pouches, boxes, chests, etc. Extremely useful tool when trying to stay organized.

Tools/Crafting Stations[edit | edit source]

There are a variety of tools and crafting stations on LoU. Some allow you to gather resources while others allow you to perform specific functions or give you access to craft items with the appropriate skill. You can find most tools or crafting stations available to use in the cities.

  • Engraving Tool - Used to rename containers. Does not require any skill.
  • Mining Pick - Used to mine ore/stone or smelt ore/items with Mining.
  • Hatchet - Used to gather wood from trees with Lumberjacking.
  • Hunter’s Knife - Used to skin creatures, usually for Tailoring or Cooking.
  • Loom/Tailor Scissors - Used for Tailoring and cutting cloth.
  • Alchemy Table/Mortar & Pestle - Used for Alchemy to create potions.
  • Carpentry Table/Dovetail Saw - Used for Carpentry to create items.
  • Anvil - Used for Blacksmithing to create metal armor/weapons.
  • Forge - Used by the Mining skill to forge ore into ingots and smelt metal items.
  • Inscription Table/Scribe’s Pen - Used for Inscription to create spellbooks, scrolls and runes.
  • Stove/Cooking Pot/Campfire - Used for Cooking to create food.
  • Tinker’s Tools - Used for Tinkering to create a vast assortment of items including tools.
  • Fletching Knife - Use in Fletching to create bows and arrows.
  • Cartographer’s Pen - Used in Cartography to create items, such as blank scrolls.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Spellbook: This is where you store your spells permanently. You can open your spellbook by double clicking it or right clicking it and selecting “Open”. You can add spells to your spellbook by right clicking on scrolls and selecting “Add to Spellbook” or by dropping the scroll onto the spellbook itself. A spellbook will function while it is in your bag. You do NOT need to equip it, doing so will cause it to wear out and eventually be destroyed.

Reagents: The consumable components used to call a spell. These can be purchased in town from a mage vendor or an alchemist vendor. They can be harvested in small amounts randomly around the world as well.

Scrolls: These single use items allow a player to cast the spell with much lower skill than normally required. They are destroyed in the process upon successful cast.

Runes: These runes can be magically marked by mages using the Mark spell to store a specific location anywhere in the world. Once a rune has been marked you can use the Recall spell or the Gate spell to instantly teleport to that location.

Banking and Vendors[edit | edit source]

Banks: Your bank storage can be accessed by visiting the “banker” NPC’s inside the cities. Say “bank” in say chat and the bank box will open. You can store goods here and access them at any other banker in the world. Banks are not shared between characters. Bankers have commands that you may speak to deposit gold, withdraw gold, create checks or check your bank balance. Checks can only be remade into gold with the bank box. Place the check in your bank box and double click it to make it return to gold. Checks are blessed items. They cannot be stolen or looted. Use these for safe transfers.

/say deposit “Number” Will deposit gold from your bag in the amount listed.
/say deposit all Will deposit all gold from your bag.
/say withdraw “Number” Will withdraw gold from your bank in the amount listed.
/say check “Number” Will write a check in the amount listed and place it in bank.
/say balance Will announce your bank balance in say chat.

These commands are intended for making custom commands. You can simply walk up to a banker and say "deposit all" without "/say" in front.

NPC Vendors: These are the vendors in cities and towns across the world. They will have goods for sale. You can either double click them, right click them or speak to them to interact. Some vendors will buy specific items from you. (The items a vendor will buy from you have been limited to stimulate the player economy.) I would advise NOT buying any tools from NPC vendors as they are very overpriced. You should visit player vendors for the majority of your needs.

Player Vendors: Players who own a house can hire vendors to work for them and sell their goods. You can access them in the same way as NPC vendors. Some player vendors store everything they are selling within the vendors bag. You can hover over items to see the price and right click if you wish to buy the item. Not all vendors are set up like this, other players may put the good for sale on tables or in chests on the tables. If a vendor is empty, look at the tables to see if he/she is using this method. I suggest using the drop down menu within the containers to make for easier browsing of a vendors goods.

Adventuring[edit | edit source]

Congratulations! You've made it! You’re ready to start adventuring. Here's what you need to know before heading out into the wild.

Looting: When you have successfully killed a creature or player a corpse will appear on the ground. You can double click the corpse to open the coffin and drag items out and into your bag. You can right click a corpse and select “Auto Loot” and it will pull all the items off the corpse and into your bag. The easiest looting method is to hold the alt key and left click the corpse to begin auto looting.

Dying: When your character takes more damage than you have hit points, you will die. Upon death, your corpse will fall to the ground and your character will turn into a ghost. You will need to run as a ghost to a healer or shrine to be resurrected. Veteran players with the Healing skill can resurrect players with bandages or mages can resurrect players using the Magery skill. When you are brought back to life you will be naked. A corpse will decay after 30 minutes and anything on that corpse will forever be lost. Remember, while you are dead, other players can loot you! (Young players will not lose items from dying)

Mounts: You can ride mounts on LoU. You can also attack while mounted. You can mount a pet by double clicking on it or using the /mount command. Mounts can die just like players. Mounts can be purchased from the stables in cities or tamed by players. Mounts can also be “stabled” for safekeeping by the stable master for a small price.

Bandages: Bandages are the bread and butter for healing as a new player. It is the cheapest and most efficient way to keep your character alive. Your character should start with some bandages to get you going. If you need more, you have two options; make them or kill enemies that drop them. Making them takes very little effort. You will need to go to the Maginica cotton field to harvest cotton. The cotton field can be reached by taking the moongate to Moonglow and heading west through town to the back gate. Outside of the back gate are two wagons, one takes you to “The Quarry” and the other to “Maginicia Farms”. Right click the wagon to Magincia Farms and click activate. You will be teleported near Magincia. The cotton field is a few steps north of the wagon. Once you have arrived, you can double click the cotton plants to harvest them. After a few minutes of gathering, return to the wagon and portal back to Moonglow. Bring the cotton to the loom in town. Right click on the cotton while near the loom and select “Weave”. This will create bolts of cloth that. You will need to use Scissors, which can be purchased from the Weaver vendor, to cut the bolts of cloth into cloth scraps. Once cut into cloth scraps, cut them once more to turn them into bandages. Clothing can also be cut into bandages.

Sewers Level 1 & 2: The sewers in Britain is a good early option to start adventuring on LoU. Level 1 and 2 are protected by guards for new players to train and learn the game. The sewer entrance is located north of the Britain bank behind the bulletin board. Take the staircase down to the sewer entrance and double click it to enter.

Exploring: After you have spent some time training your skills and slaying monsters in the sewers you may decide it’s time to go out and explore. If you no longer have the young status at this point, you should place all items you can’t afford to lose into your bank. The world is an unforgiving place on LoU. There are dangerous dungeons to explore, infestations to root out and murderers hiding in the shadows! While exploring, remember to use your map and mark important locations you find! Good luck and see you in game!

Pets[edit | edit source]

Pets get 700 skill cap. Pets get 225 stat cap. (can raise max stats to this, any pet over this will not gain stats)

Pets with total stats below 225 can gain stats. Pets can only be trained to 100 in a stat even if not at stat cap.

Pets Bond after 10 days in stable. Giving affection every day (every 20 hours) lowers it to 5 days to bond.

Released pets will vanish never to be seen again. It takes 15 minutes for a released pet to Vanish.

You can Cache pets into a deed for selling on vendors or trading.

Cached pets will have their stats broken when you retrieve the pet from the deed at the stable NPC but a relog will fix it, the pet needs to be out beside you when you relog to fix it’s stats.

You get 6 stable slots. With 100 Animal Taming you get +2 stable slots. With 100 Animal Lore you get +2 stable slots. With 100 Veterinary you get +2 stable slots. You can get a max of 12 stable slots.

Misc[edit | edit source]

  • If the server status says “Full” it means it’s still loading up.
  • Most player vendors are around the Moongates.
  • You can Max your stats (Str / Dex) on a Dummy in any town. Use Eval int on an NPC in town to max INT.
  • A Training Dummy will only Raise your skills to 30.
  • You can buy 30 skill from the Skill Trainer NPC in town for 300gp.
  • The newbie dungeon is the Sewers in Britain beside the bank, under the bridge.
  • A "Blessed" item means you won’t lose it on death.
  • Runes are not Blessed.
  • Runebooks ARE Blessed.
  • You can right click containers to be a Loot Bag or a Craft Bag, keeps your inventory cleaner.
  • Clicking 1 time on the enemy Health bar from /targbar will show the health of the enemy in numbers.
  • J shows health bars.
  • H shows names. (insert key changes the filter for what names are shown)
  • Holding ALT and Left clicking a body will AUTO LOOT it, if close enough.
  • If you start a new character and it doesn’t have an inventory bag, you can use /page to call for a GM, or jump in the discord and ask in the #general-discussions
  • If you Create a character and can’t see it, just pick your gender and Skills, you can visit a BARBER npc in game to change your looks.
  • Blessed items need to be in your inventory, not in another container in your inventory.

Gaining Resist: Buy 30 magery from the NPC. Buy 30 resist from the NPC in Wind, you will need to buy from players. Cast Firewall on yourself to 56. Cast Invis to 75 magery. Cast Earthquake to 100 resist and magery.

Murderers/PKs[edit | edit source]

  • It takes 5 kill to go Red.
  • It takes 18 hours for a kill to decay.
  • If you are killed by a player you get 50% stat loss for 8 hours.
  • You can buy a Pardon Deed from a Banker for 125,000 to remove the stat loss.
  • You can buy a Pardon Deed from a Banker for 500,000 to remove all kills.
  • To see your kill count type “I must consider my sins” in /say

Paragon Chests[edit | edit source]

Paragon chests comes in

  • Plainly
  • Adeptly
  • Expertly
  • Cleverly
  • Deviously
Paragon Chest Skill required with Lockpicking
Adeptly 30
Expertly 50
Cleverly 75
Deviously 95

Lumberjacking[edit | edit source]

Axe Damage Bonus 30% PVE ONLY (only with axes)-(no pvp bonus)

Lumberjacking doesn’t raise if you fight monsters or players with an axe.

Inscription[edit | edit source]

Mage Damage Bonus 10% (10% in PVP will be removed to 0%)

Runebooks[edit | edit source]

ALL Dungeon Monsters have a chance of dropping Miasma, for crafting Runebooks. Or buy Miasma for 10k at a Mage shop.

Inventory / Container searching[edit | edit source]

Mouse over the bottom of any container or your inventory or even your bank, and look for the little arrow on the left.

Click it for a list view of the contents.


Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Name Difficultiy Location Comments
Britain Sewers Easiest City of Britain Level 1-2 protected zone, 3 unprotected
Deception Graveyard Moonglow
Contempt Hardest

Loading and Connecting[edit | edit source]

Legends of Aria - High Priority - Client Setting. This will give you a shortcut that lets your computer know to focus on the LoA game client so it plays smoother during the BETA

Right click on your desktop, and create a New Shortcut.

Type the command below into the location area, and click/tap on the Next button. ​ cmd.exe /c start "Program Name" /priority "Full path of application file"​

Example: cmd.exe /c start "Program Name" /High "D:\Legends of Aria Beta\LegendsOfAria.exe"​

Then right click your new Shortcut and change Icon in properties to the Legends Of Aria icon in the LOA folder, and you’re done, it should work if you spelt it all correct.

Want to check your ping to Legends of Ultima?

Right Click your start button, and click the RUN and type cmd.exe Or Left Click your start button and just type cmd and select Command Prompt.

A black box will open up.

TYPE ping Hit enter, it will show your ping to the LoU server.

The LoU Devs are planning to completely redo the classic Ultima Online T2A map when they are capable by the LoA game developers, the tools needed are still lacking for modding.

THE SERVER IP IS:[edit | edit source]