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IconV Parrying.png
Skill Type Combat

A wise warrior fights with both weapon and intellect. An even wiser warrior fights with a shield as well.

General[edit | edit source]

Parrying is a must-have skill for any warrior, as it mitigates damage from melee blows as well as archery shots.

In typical usage, an individual must equip a shield in order to parry attacks. If a parry attempt is unsuccessful, no damage will be mitigated and instead the individual will receive full damage.

Parry Mechanics[edit | edit source]

AR only applies when wearing the shield. Shields listed are of the non-magical variety (use the formula below to determine the display-AR for other shields).

  • Displayed AR = ((Parrying Skill * Base AR of Shield) ÷ 200) + 1

% Parry Success = (Parry / 2) %

  • If you do not parry the blow, the damage goes through as normal.
  • If you are successful, your shield will absorb some of the damage thus reducing the attacker’s blow.

The amount of damage subtracted depends on the type of shield you are using. A shield will absorb an amount of damage equal to half the base AR of the shield for melee damage, and the full base AR for missile damage.

  • Damage reduced for melee attacks = (Base AR) /2
  • Damage reduced for missile attacks = Base AR