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Reagents are ingredients required in order for a mage to cast spells, an alchemist to craft potions, and a scribe to craft scrolls.

There are 8 different reagents used for the various magic skills:

Reagent Component Can be found on
Sulfurous Ash Energy Rocky/Mountain Areas (Dragon's Den, Misty Caverns)
Ginseng Healing Dirt/Grass (Ocllo Area, Moonglow Perch, Minoc Area)
Garlic Warding Dirt/Grass (Ocllo Area, Moonglow Perch, Minoc Area)
Spider's Silk Binding Spiders
Blood Moss Movement Swamp (Black Forest Swamps)
Black Pearl Projection Sandy Beaches (Helm Beaches)
Nightshade Poison/Illusion Lakes (Misty Basin, Lake Tethys, Cast Lake)
Mandrake Power Swamp (Black Forest Swamps)

Reagents can be purchased from Alchemist NPCs in each major city for 6 gold each, or for 5 gold from the magic broker in Moonglow. Each Alchemist shop has a stock of 500 of each Reagent, while the Broker has 1000 of each.

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