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Your character can learn several Skills to influence his or her effectiveness in the world as a warrior, a craftsman, or otherwise. Upon character creation, a player can select up to four Skills to enter the world with (4 skills, with a 30 point limit per Skill at of 120 Skill Points on creation).

Upon entering the world, a player can proceed to the Skill Trainer NPC in order to purchase Skill Books, which will allow progression of a Skill to 30 points.

While it is possible to train as many skills as you would like, there is a Skill Cap of 700 Skill Points.

Training a Skill through use is the only way to reach 100 points in the Skill. Most skills will gain through regular use and playtime (such as raising Swordsmanship while attacking a creature with a sword), though some require activation through direct use of the skill (such as Hiding or Animal Taming).

Skill Titles[edit | edit source]

Upon achieving a specific level of competency in any given Skill, a player can then be recognized by their Skill Title.

Skill Titles
Skill Title Base Skill Needed
Grandmaster 100
Master 90
Adept 80
Expert 70
Journeyman 60
Apprentice 50
Novice 40
Neophyte 30
No Title 29 or below

Skill List[edit | edit source]

Filter Skills by Type

Combat Crafting Gathering Rogue Lore Bard
Combat Crafting Gathering Rogue Lore Bard

Skill Gain Buffs/Debuffs[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to get a buff or debuff to skill gain.

Power Hour[edit | edit source]

Not in game yet, an item will allow players to activate their own "power hour", allowing an hour of skill gain at a time of their choosing. This can be activated once per day.

This does not affect other players and is not limited to a particular time of day.

World Skill Gain[edit | edit source]

Depending on where you are in the world, you will receive a skill gain buff/debuff:

  • Anywhere on a house plot, you will gain skill 50% slower than normal.
  • In dungeons, you will gain skill 25% faster than normal.
  • In cities, you will gain certain skills at 20% faster than normal. This is not yet active.
City Theme Skills
Britain City of the Arts Musicianship, Peacemaking, Provocation, Discordance, Snooping, Stealing, Begging
Moonglow City of Magic Magery, Inscription, Alchemy, Meditation, Magic Resistance, Evaluating Intelligence, Item Identification, Spirit Speak, Enchanting, Drinking
Yew City of the Forest Carpentry, Fletching, Anatomy, Animal Lore, Forensic Evaluation, Taste Identification, Poisoning, Veterinary, Forestry
Papua City of the Swamps Snooping, Musicianship, Fletching, Forestry
Magincia City of Pride & Trade Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Arms Lore, Surveying
Nujel'm City of the Sands Cartography, Lockpicking
Vesper City of the Water Fishing, Healing
Ocllo City of Farming Cooking, Tracking, Hiding, Stealth, Detect Hidden
Cove City of Crafters Tinkering