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Skill Type Crafting

General[edit | edit source]

Ever have one of those mornings where you just cannot bear to wear the same tunic again? Tailoring is the skill which allows a character to make clothing, leather armor, backpacks, pouches, and some decoration..

Crafting[edit | edit source]

To craft an item using the Tailoring skill:

  • Obtain Scissors, purchasable from the NPC Weaver or Players and place them in your pack
  • Stand near a loom
  • Double-click the loom
  • A menu will then appear, displaying various categories which contain craftable items
  • Select the category and then the item you would like to craft

A list of ingredients will be displayed on the craftable item's page. Typically, all items craftable through the Tailoring menu require cloth and leather.

If the crafting attempt is successful, the item will appear in your backpack. If the player has a GrandMaster level of Arms Lore, there is an added 10% chance that the item crafted will be of 'exceptional' quality, increasing the durability of the item. At this time only Leather Armors have the chance to be exceptional.

Training[edit | edit source]

  • 0-30: Buy skill book from NPC trainers
  • 30-55: Bandit Hood (2 cloth)
  • 55-65: Circle Rug (5 cloth)
  • 65-80: Green Rug (5 cloth)
  • 80-90: Blue/Green/Red Ornate Rug (5 cloth)
  • 90-100: Ritual Chest (6 Cloth)

Expect to need between 90k and 100k cloth to GM. Your target success rate for skill training should remain between 30 and 70% for optimum gains.

It's recommended to obtain a pouch and set it as a Crafting Pouch so everything you create can more easily be salvaged or trashed while training.

Deeded items such as rugs are not salvageable so make peace with trashing them as you go.

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