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Tamer is one of, if not the strongest PvE template on Legends of Ultima.

It's taken straight from Ultima Online and, while not 100% implemented yet (we don't have pet loyalty and feeding at this point, and all pets are bonded by default), and sometimes riddled by pathing and AI problems, it beats every other skill line easily in performance.

Tamers come in various flavors.

You need 3 skills as core:

  • Animal Taming determines what you can tame
  • Veterinary determines how much you heal for
  • Animal Lore is needed for cure and resurrect (and to determine what you can tame - it has to be on par with Animal Taming).

You will want one way to heal yourself, be that Healing (with Anatomy) or Magery (good enough standalone). You might want to go full defense now with Parry and weapon skill. Or you choose support with bard skills: Music and Peace for easier taming, Discord for a strong debuff, Provo for additional crowd control. If you chose Healing as your selfheal, you'll already have Healing/Anatomy in your build, which you can use for Archery or a melee skill with Tactics.

Here's what to tame and when (this list is not complete, there's much more out there):

For the custom macro use
Guide by Andi

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