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IconV Veterinary.png
Skill Type Healing

- In my professional opinion, this dog has fleas.

- That's not a dog....it's a dragon.

- Oh...Well then, in my professional opinion, this dragon has fleas.

General[edit | edit source]

As ferocious (or cuddly) as tamed pets may be, at some point the skilled tamer will find themselves in a situation where their beloved pet is injured or poisoned. With an investment in the Veterinary skill, a character can heal any ailment their pet may face!

Although it is possible to sustain creatures to some extent using spells, a well-trained vet can heal large amounts of damage at a greater speed while using bandages. Though similar to the Healing skill, Veterinary is influenced by the Animal Lore skill.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

It is possible for a player to Cure their pet (or a party members' pet), and Resurrect fallen pets (if they are bonded). However, the player must have an appropriate level of both Veterinary and Animal Lore.

  • 60.0 Skill in Veterinary and Animal Lore is required before a character can cure a pet's poison
  • 80.0 Skill in Veterinary and Animal Lore is required before a character can resurrect a pet. The pet must also be bonded.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Bandaging a pet takes 5 seconds to complete (successful or otherwise).

Damage healed through the use of Veterinary is calculated via the following formulas:

MinHeal = (Animal Lore / 5) + (Veterinary / 5) + 3
MaxHeal = (Animal Lore / 5) + (Veterinary / 2) + 10
Total Amount Healed = random(MinHeal, MaxHeal) + (Target Max HP / 100)

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